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[Q] This would be useful if......

Any suggestions on Multicategories Component for Joomla!1.5 are welcome

[Q] This would be useful if......

Postby TheEdge » Wed May 05, 2010 7:39 am


This looks like a fantastic component and it does what it says on the tin but.... Ultimately what I want to be able to do is have an article in 2 categories which I can do from the back end. However my users enter data in the front end so the categories provided by the component are not available to them. What would be cool is if I could associate a "multi category" with an actual J! category, so that any articles added to that J! category are automatically part of the "multi category". An example:

- My users work by client and then need to put in Job reports so I create the following section / category structure for their use in the front end.

Code: Select all
Client A
    Job Reports
Client B
    Job Reports

That way their work flow is always: Select the client and then the category (ie Job Reports) for the article.

- In the back end I define the multi categories this way:

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   Client A ([b]aliases[/b] J! ClientA)
   Client B ([b]aliases[/b] J! ClientB)
Job Reports
   Client A ([b]aliases[/b] J! ClientA\Job Reports)
   Client B ([b]aliases[/b] J! ClientB\Job Reports)

The benefits to this are:

1) Users have same simple predictable work flow in the front end and have no idea of the multi-classification occuring behind the scenes.
2) I only need to make a change to "Multi Categories" when I add a new Section / Category in J!
3) I can use my multi category hierarchy to do the navigation as I see fit

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Re: [Q] This would be useful if......

Postby mik356ua » Wed May 05, 2010 8:25 pm

Well I think it's possible. We include this in the task list for the next version of the component
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