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FFXIV - finish step two of my relic

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FFXIV - finish step two of my relic

Postby TamamShamoon » Sat Mar 05, 2016 12:26 am

Friend and I did the vault last night to finish step two of my relic.. him BLM me DRG, with a DRK and AST. As we were going for the first pull, he commented to me that this one would be rough. I checked the DRK's gear.. i130 sword, slightly under leveled white HW gear, i90 STR accessories. Oooookay.

The first packs went sorta ok, with the tank mostly sorta holding aggro (friend and I each pulled a mob, but meh). I tried to spread my damage, but when we got to 2-3 mob pulls, even doing a chaos thrust+4th+phleb was pulling some mobs on me. On the first boss, I dumped my aggro after I got through my opener, and I think the boss stayed on the tank.. so not too bad. But the trash pulls after..

If I tried to spread my damage to avoid pulling aggro, one would go for my friend and the others for the healer, so I just tossed some dots and pulled things from the AST. Each trash pack seemed to get dicier and dicier, but no one was really at risk of dying. On the second boss, I immediately pulled hate.. and saw if I elusive jumped that time, the boss would run for my friend and FFXIV Power leveling. Figuring he wouldn't appreciate his BLM casts being cancelled, I just decided to (poorly) tank the boss, all while watching to see if the tank would pass him in threat. He.. never did. I died trying to LB the boss, AST ressed me right away, and I was able to get the LB through/we killed it before we wiped. The DRK dropped without a word.

We continued through the trash after while waiting for a replacement (I reasoned it wouldn't actually be any different than the pulls we had before), then the AST called in a PLD friend for the final trash pack and boss.

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