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I have a level 60 tank in FFXIV

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I have a level 60 tank in FFXIV

Postby TamamShamoon » Fri Mar 04, 2016 12:13 am

So I queued up on roulette and got The Vault. Now usually, I'm happy to do this dungeon as I find it fun (aside from the horrible cutscene ending T_T). I went in with my lvl 60 tank because I need the tomes. We enter and my first sign probably should of been that the healer then proceeded to pull the first mob. I was like, wtf?! But I simply thought that maybe they were new and I just waited until the mob got to us and pulled the hate off the healer. NBD. However, fighting the first mob, I noticed the healer let my hp get down to about 1/3. This honestly worried me a bit, as it was only, what? 4 enemies? So I decided I was going to do small pulls, as I didn't trust the healer at this point. Next few pulls went fine.

We get upstairs and now, the NIN in the group decides to run ahead of me and pull the mob. *Sigh*. Ok, once again, maybe he's new and doesn't realize how far the mobs aggro in here. I once again pull the hate once the mob closes in. We're close to the ser grinnaux fight and it's just the last 2 mob pulls before getting to him. Once again, due to the healer not seeming to be on top of things (last boss fight, the NIN died and I had to use clemency to keep myself up as well as help keep the other DPS up), I decided to not deal with the headache that was a mob and a bunch of AoE's from those horse guys. As I pull the mob, I notice the NIN seemed to of run off. And low and behold, he did exactly what I was hoping to get more FFXIV Gil.... He pulled the other 2 back to us and so I had to dodge around like a madman to avoid all the AoE's shooting everywhere as well as stun like crazy (which means I'm not generating hate on the huge mob) because they do rampant targeting for their AoE. After we kill the mob, I simply asked that the NIN not pull for me. We enter the fight, kill Grinnaux, then after that fight, the NIN decided to respond to me saying "You can pull more than 1 mob at a time".

Now I didn't want to go around throwing people under the bus here, so I didn't blame the healer for my smaller pulls. But at this point, I wasn't too happy, so I responded with "If you wish to pull more and tank them, then be my guest". To my surprise, the healer chimed in at this point against me saying, "Not everyone reruns dungeons with their lvl 60". I thought maybe that was a knock on the NIN. Then I look and see everyone BUT me is NOT level sync'd (all 3 were level 57). Seriously?! That was a knock on me?!

I was pretty tempted to just leave at this point, but I still wanted my damn tomes. So I just decided to quickly finish things and just get out. To no surprise, I got no player coms on that run. The other DPS was quiet the entire run though and I had no issues with him at least. It just boggled my mind.

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Re: I have a level 60 tank in FFXIV

Postby Danni987 » Fri Mar 04, 2016 7:45 am

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